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207 Still Water Series (12x12" Acrylic and epoxy resin on gesso board) Framed in a hand made New Hampshire barnwood frame.

For the last few months I have been testing and developing this original concept that embraces several mediums and has a unique ability to capture what I see so often day to day. I have become obsessed with reflective surfaces and how they can be such a contrast to the scene around them.

This painting, for example, captures a a canoe paddle in the early spring on a New Hampshire lake. I really feel drawn into these often overlooked areas where stillness can be so easily found. The contrast of the rugged rees and grass with the mirror like surface of the water just makes me want to create. These are the scenes I want to capture.

With that said I am planning to create paintings from lakes to seacoast in this style all summer. I have been calling this series "Still Water".  I am proud to be able to share such a unique new style that has taken a lot of trial and error to develop and can't wait to see where it can go!

Still Water Series #4

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To purchase or if you have questions about this painting please drop me a note on my contact page and I will get right back to you.

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