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My Story

William Kramer’s journey as an artist began early in life. From the moment he could hold a pencil, he was immersed in the world of art, sketching and drawing daily. Encouraged by his family and friends, he pursued this passion with unwavering dedication.


His artistic path took a significant turn when he started taking painting lessons from a teacher associated with the local Dick Blick art store during his early teens. These intensive lessons became a game changer, shaping his artistic sensibilities and laying the foundation for his future endeavors.


William further honed his skills by studying graphic design, art, and photography at College in New Hampshire. This educational experience opened his eyes to the broader world of design and infused concepts that could be applied across various visual arts disciplines.


After completing his studies, William entered the professional realm as a graphic designer for a major cycling company. His role involved designing paint schemes and graphics for their product line—an exciting opportunity right out of school.


However, the call of nature led him northward to New Hampshire once again. There, he transitioned into the role of Visual Content Director for a major outdoor brand . This experience further enriched his creative journey.


In 2019, William made a pivotal decision: he officially established William Kramer Studio LLC as his full-time business. As a fine artist, his focus shifted toward capturing the beauty of landscapes and accepting commissions. His evolving style continues to celebrate the subtle wonders found in everyday life.


Today, William Kramer’s art—created using oil and acrylic paints on canvas and panel—reflects his passion, dedication, and love for the visual arts. His journey from pencil sketches to professional artist exemplifies the transformative power of creativity.

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