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11x14" Acrylic on canvas.  Unframed.

One of my favorite parts of painting is the ability to create scenes that exist only in your imagination. I have alway been fascinated by this iconic scene located in Pomfret, Vermont. Although I have never visited Sleepy Hollow myself, you can easily find THOUSANDS of images of it, with 99% of them taken from the same vantage point. Unfortunately with the advent of social media, this location has gained celebrity status straining not only the owners but residents with swarms of influencers, and photographers looking for the perfect shot. As of this year the location is officially closed, never to be open to the public again. That said, although there are THOUSANDS of images of this iconic location, I have never seen any images of it at night. With a name like Sleepy Hollow, it seems only appropriate to conjure up a spooky moonlit scene that lived only in my head. I attempted to capture the moonlight streaming across the frost covered fields, with the glow of the warmy lights in the home.

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#221 Sleepy Hollow Nocturn

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