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Winter Night in Portsmouth 9x12" (Acrylic on canvas. Available link in bio) I am currently working on my first series of oil paintings called "Diffused", these are mostly larger works that have really allowed me to dive into the medium and explore light, atmosphere, and softness. But, just like anything, it is nice to take a step back and switch it up. For me, that means grabbing my acrylic paint and creating an image I have seen many times and thought "I should paint that". That's exactly what this painting is. Secondly, I also wanted to create another Portsmouth painting to go along with the second image of Brewsters Bait and Tackle, also in Portsmouth.I feel very lucky to live so close to this truly amazing little city. Even though the growth in the last few years is mind blowing, the general feel downtown remains quaint and inviting.This scene represents one of those cold winter nights, snow in the air, shops wam and open for business. Anyone who has been to Portsmouth, or a similar city can probably relate. If you are interested in purchasing just send me a message, I offer framing as well. The buyer of this painting will not only receive a 2023 calendar, but also a 2024 calendar next year as this will be one of the months, probably January!


#186 Winter Night in Porstsmouth

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To purchase or if you have questions about this painting please drop me a note on my contact page and I will get right back to you.

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