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#155 Summer Days on the Island" (10x10" acrylic on canvas AVAILABLE link in bio)
I have always been drawn to the way light interacts with transparent fabric. This scene from Monhegan Island, Maine captures just that. I am beyond delighted with the perceived movement and transparency of the sheets on the clothesline, blowing in the salty breeze.
This painting represents a subtle but intentional shift in my style from super tight detailed work to allowing the paint to tell more of a story with less detail. This does not mean sloppy, or carless, but quite the contrary. I find it requires more thought on the pallet, how I load my brushes so that each stroke can work to tell the visual story with less detail, this allows the viewer to fill in the rest.


Framing available


#155 Monhegan Island, Maine

Out of Stock

To purchase or if you have questions about this painting please drop me a note on my contact page and I will get right back to you.

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