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6x10" (8 5/8"x 12 1/2" Framed) Oil on panel framed in maple. This is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the last few months. Not only was the painting a journey into new realms, the frame is also a huge breakthrough for me. I....yes me!!! made this frame out of maple, I used my new router and with 7 passes and 3 different cutting bits I achieved the profile I wanted. While tough to capture in photos the profile leads you down to the painting with fine details and angle cuts . I stained it with a very old school formula of white vinegar and steel wool combined to oxidize over 3 days. This is applied to the finished frame to bring out the color and tannins. The results make an amazing oxidized finish that I then coat with beeswax. I am extra proud of this series thanks for reading.


#238 Hampton Beach, March

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