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Sleepy Fox Candles are made in small batchs and poured by hand in New Hampshire. 100% natural US soy wax, braided cotton and paper wick, lead and zinc free. Vegan. Premium quality fragrance oils, no synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or toxic chemicals.

3.75"x3.25" Approximately 40 hour burn time.

Surf Shop Soy Candle 8.5 oz


Imagine a perfect summer day at the beach.  No one else around.  Early morning.  The crests of the waves break in a rhythm that seems to sing to you.  You know that soon the sand will be filled and the Surf Shops open.  But for now it is all yours.  With only the lingering scent of tide, surf and shops. Notes of coco butter, salty spray and surf wax.

Top notes of Fresh Eucalyptus, Clear Waters, Crisp Ozone, Crushed Mint Leaves

Middle notes of Ocean Sea Spray, Salty Driftwood, Amber Waves

Bottom notes of Coconut Water, Tonka Bean, Emerald Musk

To save on shipping for large orders over 4 candles send me a message though my contact page

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